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Jul 3, 2011 4:30pm PDT
possible by nbc universal] >> brave new world. do cell phone cameras change politics? when barack obama complained about bitter voters, he forgot about cell phone cameras. how many political scouts are claimed by the 24-hour news cycle? the town hall shout fests at health care. in a precable age, one or two-day stories but today an eternity. finally, bloggers rule. "newsweek" had the monica lewinsky story but it was a blog by matt drudge that broke it. chris: today i'm looking at how the new media universe has changed things in american politics. let's look at the new rules politicians forget at their per rit. -- peril. one, beware the cell phone camera. from former virginia senator george allen, with us a highly touted presidential candidate. >> let's give a welcome here. >> he said it was a nonsense word. never again. >> this is the world he's in, we're all in now, where you have to be very careful. i never quite new what the word meant. he never explained what it meant but it went viral, once it when viral, he was done. chris: this was a volunteer for the opposition campaign with a c
Jul 24, 2011 11:00am EDT
, barack obama needs to repeat old triumphs, rewu those key group that's got him to the white house but are not completely with him this time. ok. how are the geniuses going to do it? can they get it all together again? >> what a difference a year makes. both sides have a little over a year. who will use it best, the republicans who have pledged to make obama a one-term president or the president, who's determined to prove them wrong? finally, keep your sunny side up. look at who wins elections. it's the candidate out there in the country breathing hope and optimism. f.d.r., jfk and reagan. can obama beat the debbie downers by doing it again? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us "new york "is magazine john heilemann, glory borier, nbc's kelly o'donnell and "time" magazine's joe klein. first up, president obama faced critical decisions on the debt and afghanistan the last few weeks and all the while the geniuses who ran his 2008 campaign have been huddled with their maps and polls, figuring out how to put together a repeat victory. what's the anatomy of a re-election win
Jul 10, 2011 11:00pm PDT
este lunes y martes algunos piensan que es una tactica del presidente barack obama para gaanrse el voto latino >> mientras exista esa pòsibilidad hay que apoyarla >> ya no hayamos ni que creer, antes ya paso ojoala que para muchos de nosotros >> no es el único que tiene dudas >> nada de lo que el presidente barack obama prometio se ha cumplido ahora quiere volver a mentirnos a los latinos y votemos por él >> lideres latinos de toda la nacion tendran la oportunidad de hablar sobre una reforma migratiria, además de la reforma de protección de los derechos civiles >> también esperan que el presidente barack obama cumpla con la seguridad, y para los indocumentados que actualmente viven aquí en los estados unidos >> el pronóstico >> hola que tal muy buenas noches es momentos de revisar el tiempo, en san jose en66 los mismo para esta madrugada. esto garcias a la brisa, sintiendose mucho mas frsca >> también estará trayendo las nuves bajas cielos despejados en la mañana cielos mayormente nublaods en la tarde despejandose hasta porciones de ohio con advertencias de calor a> en los e
Jul 23, 2011 5:20pm EDT
mention that you felt that barack obama would do very little, or not much. >> yes, i said that barack obama as president would do very little in the area of social justice. there are several reasons that i said that. i would say the first reason is because presidents do not push such agendas without pushing from the outside. they do not do it unless they are pushed to do so. it reminds me of a story they tell about franklin delenore roosevelt. they provehicle code a program to him -- propose a program to him. they said that's good. you go out there and make me do it. presidents don't tend to step out in front. they have to be pushed to do that. that's one reason. the second reason that i said he wouldn't do much is he said he wouldn't. i'm sure many of e know about his interview, early in his presidency, when he said he was the president of all of the people, of all of americans, and not just black americans. so therefore, he couldn't push for programs just for african-americans. and he said he would push for programs for everyone. therefore, it would benefit african-americans. now ri
FOX News
Jul 19, 2011 2:00am PDT
is 30 and under. voted two to one for barack obama. they are 80 million strong. their partisan identification solidifies after three presidential election cycles. they voted for john kerr i can't understand barack obama. if we don't make inroads in the next 16 months we are going to lose the next generation. >> you are talking about all voters not just republicans. you have to woo the younger people. now you are not a tea party person, correct? >> i think the tea party has brought enormous strunt to the republican party. i absolutely support its fiscal responsibility message, yes. >> bill: you like that they are very adamant about balancing the budget, about living within the government means. >> permanently cutting spending and growing the economy. >> bill: but, when you have a platform like that and you don't compromise at all, which michele bachmann said she wouldn't vote for the rising of the debt ceiling no matter what. >> okay. >> bill: but when you have that, then the majority of people that you are talking about the 80 million potential voters under the age of 30. and i
Jul 17, 2011 11:00am EDT
consequences for barack obama and g.o.p. nominee next year are the real story here. if there's no grand deal what are the 2012 consequences? for the president, there are some 2012 upsides perhaps even without a big deal. for one, he claimed the higher ground through all of these debates. for looking more reasonable and he also championed the middle class because he proposed more taxes on the rich. the downsides for the president would include looking weak for failing to get a big compromise. also keeping the big spender tag. for the republican running for president next year, the up-sides of not getting a big deal are, keeping big spending charge against the president, good for them, and denying him a big victory. but there's the downsides for them, republican presidential candidate, by virtue of kicking the can down the road again. the tea party that looks like it's in their control. the g.o.p. more than that, they have the image now of being the party of the rich. john, let's go through sort of looking down the road in next year's election which a lot of this is about. how does it play out
Jul 25, 2011 6:00pm PDT
presidente barack obama (♪ ♪) >>> qué tal, muy buenas noches, el presidente barack obama hablará una vez más a la nación sobre el estancamiento en las negociaciones para aumentar el techo de la deuda nacional, la casa blanca, también dice que se van a referir, el sábado el presidente barack obama se reunió con los líderes del congreso, pero fracasó en el acuerdo para aumeentar el techo de la deuda, estados unidos incumpliría sus pagos, eso sería potencialmente catastrófico, para la ya, anémica economía del país, esto cambió desde la casa blanca al congreso, donde el líder de la mayoría demócrata, presentó una carta de compromiso, y el presidente de la cámara de representantes presentó otra propuesta, la casa blanca aceptó la propuesta del senador reid, el presidente barack obama a punto de acercar al podio,. >>> buenas noches, esta noche vamos a hablar del debate que tenemos en washington sobre la deuda nacional, durante la última década hemos gastado más dinero de lo que hemos recibido, en el 2000, el gobierno tenía un superhábit de recursos, pero en vez de gastarl
Jul 7, 2011 6:00pm PDT
presidente barack obama para hablar sobre la deuda estadounidense. >> (ambiente) . >> demócratas y republicanos se reunieron con el presidente barack obama para llegar a un acuerdo con la deuda naciónal y el defícit . >> estados unidos no puede caer en un incumplimiento de su deuda. >> demócratas dicen que se opodran a cualquier cambio de este tipo. >> mundo medicare son partes de las discusiones, sobre aumentar el límite de la deuda, recortes en programa tiene efecto negativo en la gente. >> estamos opuestos que no debe haber cortes en el seguro social por el defícit del país . >> cambian el costo de la vida, como dijo el presidente barack obama ninguno de los partidos quedará satisfecho. >> el hombre de 38 años, originario de monterrey fue ejecutado, el gobierno de méxico rechazo esta forma de juicio y el veredicto al mexicano, porque leal carecio de asístencia . >> cientos de niños vivieron una experiencia al conocer a un ídolo. >> ya regresamos . >> (♪ ♪ ). >> es allá dónde el atlantis saldra para su último víaje, las condiciones para el fin de semana, por
Jul 10, 2011 4:30pm PDT
middle? could barack obama win next year even with a 9.2% jobless rate? it would be tough, but some smart politicos say not impossible. finally, righter than you know. is michelle bachmann too right or just right? with the republican party, which moved right with goldwater, right again with reagan in 1980, and with newt in 1994, be right there for the lady from minnesota? has the hatred of obama made her the perfect champion for a year of attack? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, "the washington post," bob woodward, the national journalist, jamie tarabay, abc's andrea mitchell and "the chicago tribune"'s clarence page. the nasty unemployment numbers are a psychological problem for the country and a huge political burden for this president. has the tea party's flirtation with default on the national debt handed barack obama a huge win, while the vast middle of the country, the middle that decides elections, see the president as the grownup? take a look at poll numbers. in his 2008 win, president obama was the choice of 60% of self-described moderates in the exit polls
Jul 6, 2011 11:00pm EDT
su elección. ♪ >> nitza: el presidente barack obama hizo uso de su red, para llevar a cabo la primera asamblea que un presidente hace via twitter, el presidente respondió las preguntas, y la mayoría fueron sobre economía, recortes de presupuesto, pero no se salvó de preguntas, porque el republicano, le preguntó los trabajos que había prometido, pero él no se quedó atrás, se denunció que los 750 millones de usuarios, ahora podrán hacer video llamadas desde su sitio eninternet, servicio será operado por skype, y para más información, visite nuestro portal en internet, >> y en 24 horas, el méxico humberto leal será ejecutado en texas, por la violación de una jovencita, para salvarle la vida hay dos opciones, que el gobernador diga que no, cosa que ya negó, y que sea una orden presidencial. >> la orden ya fue dada, al mexicano humberto leal, nunca se le informó del derecho de contactar al consulado de su país. >> los jueces quieren proteger el derecho de los estados unidos, la comunidad, y el derecho individual de un extranjero no importa mucho. >> seg
Jul 25, 2011 11:00pm EDT
y dio resultado. y de aquí vamos a comerciales pero al regreso el presidente barack obama habla de la discusión del limite de la deuda nacional y aunque no lo crea le pide su ayuda, le contamos al regreso. ♪ ♪ >> juliana: el presidente barack obama habló esta noche a la nación desde la casa blanca para pedirle a los estadounidenses que presionen a sus congresistas para alcanzar un acuerdo sobre el limite de la deuda nacional, el hecho de no actuar podrá hacer un grave daño al economía del país, y pidió que tomen la decisión de abordar el desafio y resorverlo, los congresistas llevan semanas discutiendo la propuesta y de no logranse antes del dos de agosto, obligaría al gobierno nacional a entrar en la suspensión de pagos. y más de proyecto, decenas de proyectos de construcción de aeropuertos en el país, están operando para deneter a la aviación según dijo el secretario de transporte de estados unidos, los controladores de estados unidos han mantenido su empleo, lo mismo que empleados que supervisan la seguridad a de aviones y pruebas a pilotos, sin embargo el d
Jul 26, 2011 11:00pm EDT
presidente barack obama que cumpla su promesa, veamos en qué terminaron las protestas. >> estuvo candente la protesta que se llevó a cabo en la casa blanca, donde cientos de personas rogaron a una reforma migratoria, comunidades indignados y hasta líderes arrestados fueron parte del menú. >> estamos exigiendo al presidente que paren las redades, van más de un millón 500 mil inmingrates deportados en esta administración. >> cientos de personas le echaron en cara al presidente hoy. >> en nuestra comunidad hay niños que van a quedar sin padres, esposas sin esposos, y familias rotas que hoy en este momento están llorando y sufriendo. >> con esta acción los manifiestntes a gripos le pidieron a barack obama que use su poder ayudarlos, y sobre todo que haga una realidad la legislación conocita como dream act. >> este presidente tiene tanto poder ayudarnos a nosotros que los republicanos que tanto a veces nos odian, le quieren quitar ese derecho. >> la casa blanca le echó la culpa al congreso por la falta de avance que estas personas no llegaron a aceptar más excusas. >> venimos por una
Jul 20, 2011 6:00pm PDT
for the safe choice, you shouldn't look for barack obama. >> we'll have a conversation with tavis smiley. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> donald trump says america's economy could be going bad from worse. he joins me tonight on the phone. donald, how are you? >> hello, piers. >> first of all, congratulations on becoming a grandfather again. your lovely daughter ivanka and a baby girl ella rose, i understand. >> that is true. we're very happy about that. >> tell me, if we were trying to prescribe an economic future or young arabella that you would feel comfortable about, what would you do. >> first you have to get the debt down. the whole world of debt has to be changed as far as this country is concerned. we have to create jobs and rapidly. because if we don't, things are going to head in a direction that's going to be almost impossible to recover from. so we really need jobs now. we have to take jobs away from other countries because other countries are taking our jobs. there is practically not a company that doesn't do business with the united states that is making a very big profi
Jul 20, 2011 9:00pm PDT
in america, economically, how much of the blame should be attached to barack obama, and how much should be attached to the previous eight years of republican administration? if you were choosing a percentage, apportioning blame to each party there, what would you say? >> well, look, you know as well as anybody, and you know me probably better than most because of our wonderful relationship on "celebrity apprentice," where you won and did great, and i'm proud of you and i'm proud of how well you're doing. but you understand, i was never a big fan of george bush, ok? it wasn't like, oh, gee, i'm a rah-rah guy for george bush. but obama took over a situation, and has made it not better, but probably worse. i think the economy is getting worse. i see things getting worse. employment has gone up, not down. so bush certainly wasn't the greatest. and obama has not done the job. and he's created a lot of disincentive. he's created a lot of great dissatisfaction. regulations and regulatory is going through the roof. it's almost impossible to get anything done in the country. environmentally spea
Jul 24, 2011 9:00pm EDT
of the book is. >> guest: sure. but the story of barack obama senior seemed to be the untold story of the candidacy of the president's. i've been a reporter for years and have some political profiles. i wrote a profile of obama senior in 2008. combine never went to kenya, didn't have that piece of the story. we decided this was a very compelling story, very little known about him. obama jr. wrote about him in his book but he only goes so far and tells what his experience at his father it seemed this was a book that needed to be written. >> host: in the process of working on the book he said he went to kenya and you describe that in the book itself. tell us a little of what i was like. did you get a lot of access to people, was there suspicion of an outsider for a racial dimension talking about an african family? >> sure. all of those were true. i went to kenya five times and found many wonderful people who helped me who knew obama senior many well. many family members. some people were eager to talk because this was such a high-profile presidency they were proud of obama jr they wa
Jul 24, 2011 11:30pm EDT
economÍa. el presidente barack obama se reuniÓ durante una hora con los lÍderes demÓcratas del congreso discutir sobre la is de la deuda pÚblica pero no se revelaron detalles. la negociaciÓn sobre el tope de la deuda continÚa estancada a una semana de vencer el plazo. >> los bolsillos de los automovilistas se han vuelto a resentir. tradicl encuesta quincenal indica que el precio promedio del galÓn regular aumentÓ nueve centavos. ahora el pecio es de 3, 70 dÓlares. la gasolina de calidad media cuesta 3, 84 y la premium 3, 95. >> nueva york celebrÓ los primeros matrimonios homosexuales de su historia con una jornada que marcÓ rÉcord de bodas. >> imÁgenes y not.unreacciones este histórico dÍa en ese estado. el sexto y mÁgrande del paÍs en autorizar el casamiento entre personas del mismo sexo. >> la celebraciÓn continuaba en horas de la noche en nueva york donde miles de parejas del mismo sexo hoy por primera vez pudieron contraer matrimonio. >> estamos celebrando el dÍa. >> esta pareja se casÓ por segunda vez ya h@univisionnot.u otro estado. >> es lo que siempre he querido
Jul 25, 2011 5:30am EDT
@not.uni fds lateh@h@not.u@ >> ahora hablemos de economÍa. el presidente barack obama se reuniÓ durante una n los lÍderes demÓcratas del congreso para discuth@univisionnot.uni f resentir. la teh@h@univisionnot.uni fds Ó aumentÓ nueve centavos. ahora el pecio es de 3, 70 dÓlares. la gasolina de calidad media cuesta 3, y la premium 3, 95. >> nueva york celebrÓ los primeros matrimonios homosexuales de su historia con@ una jornada que marcÓ rÉcord de bodas. estetÓrico dÍa en ese nes estado. el sexto yÁs grande del paÍs en autorizar el casamiento entre personas del mismo sexo. >> la celebraciÓn continuaba en horas de la noche en nueva york donde miles de parejas del mismo sexo hoy por primera vez pudieron contraer matrimonio. >> estamos celebrando el dÍa. >> esta pareja se casÓ por segunda vez ya lateh@ aÑos contrajo matrimonio en otro estado. >> es lo que siempre he querido. ser una persona normal. uno se levanta, se acuesta igual. tenemos niÑos. hacemos las mismas cosas. >> el alcalde de la ciudad de nueva york, participÓ tambiÉn de este momento. oficiando el enlace entre dos
Jul 5, 2011 6:00pm PDT
presidente barack obama dijo que habían errores en el programa pero que podría ayudar si se hacen cambios. >> (♪ ♪ ). >> más de treinta bomberos lucharon por horas para controlar las llamas. >> un incendio dejó a veinte personas desalojadas. >> las llamas se propagaron a los edificios. >> las causas están bajo investigación . >> el martes podría conocerse la identidad de el sujeto que murió a manos de los policías . >> la investigación del caso continúa, no se sabe cuantos balazos recibió la víctima . >> las autoridades revelaron que dos de las tres balaceras podrían estar relaciónadas, estos hechos ocurrieron el fin de semana, los tiroteos ocurrieron en un mismo día, el número de asesinatos ascendio a catorcer. >> en san francisco existe un aumento a los robos, según autoridades estos robos son hechos por personas de pandillas, el número de arrestop ha incrementado en un 53 por ciento. >> la gente debería averiguar si lo que compra es un articulo robado, porque puede tener cargos también . >> los robos de negocios cuestan 33 mil millones de dólares para los comer
Jul 23, 2011 10:00pm EDT
picture of the career and life of barack obama senior. she discusses her findings with veteran white house reporter, kenneth walsh of "u.s. news & world report." >> host: sally welcome. i have really enjoyed reading your book and i want to just get right to the main question so many authors are asked which is why you decided to write this book and sort of what the genesis of the book is? >> guest: the story of barack obama senior seemed to me to be the untold story of both obama's candidacy and the presidency. i've been a reporter at the globe for many years and i've done many political profiles. i did write a profile of obama senior in october 2008. i spoke to many people in kenya but i never went to kenya. i didn't have that piece of the story. we decided that this was a very compelling story. it was very little known about him. obama junior wrote about him in his book the only go so far and tells what his experience of his father and it seemed to me this was a book that needed to be written. >> host: in the process he said you want to kenya and i know you describe it that in the book it
Jul 7, 2011 2:00am EDT
that's fair? >> well, sure. bush lost the jobs, not barack obama. >> look. barack obama favorable numbers in terms of performance. in the economy, he is under water on this. i am struck by the level of naivete and arrogance on the left by people who scoff that barack obama could even be remotely vulnerable somehow. >> but herbert hoover is harsh words. >> yeah. >> todd, you're creating a straw man. >> no, no. >> anytime you have unemployment at 9%, 10%, whoever the incumbent is, is going to be in trouble. there's nobody who denies that. >> 25% under hoover, let's get that straight. >> but when mitt romney says the economy is worse under barack obama than at the end of the bush years, that's simply not true. now, you can make the case that maybe barack obama should have created more jobs and done better, but what mitt romney's -- how he's describing it is just inaccurate. >> if the obama wants the message to be the economy is not as bad as you think it is, that's probably not going to -- >> is romney the front-runner? >> oh, sure. >> is he beatable? >> sure. >> can he be beating on
Jul 17, 2011 7:00pm EDT
-thirds of african-americans in the u.s. said the barack obama's policies would significantly help their advancement the number for whites was 21%, hispanics fell somewhere in the middle but there was quite a gap. >> it's gone down in terms of african-americans saying that obama's election creates more britain these for african-americans. it's gone down a bit since this election and certainly in my own survey it's not as high as 70%. it's closer to a round of 30 or 40% who are saying that it's going to help them, but i also the fact of the presidency, even if he loses in 2012 will go away. in the reassessment that has begun to take place at least in some minds won't stop, whether or not he went. there would be a lot disappointed people, again, fall colors if if he loses. i don't think it's going to change the fundamental way people are beginning to look at what is possible in the political arena. is ther >> is there a real divide in african-american thought or intellectual immediate? i ask is based on what cornelln west recently dead. he said obama is a black mascott of wall street oligarchs in at b
Jun 30, 2011 8:00pm EDT
on the table by barack obama and the democrats. they had a $2.4 trillion deficit reduction, and the republicans didn't just say no, that's not quite good enough, they walked out. >> yeah. the interesting model for deficit reduction i always thought for the obama white house was the clinton model, the 1993 bill, which was 50/50. it was first% spending cuts, 50% tax revenue increases. why wouldn't the white house have looked at the clinton deficit reduction package, which then led us to the most economically successful decade that we've had with the highest surge in incomes that we've ever seen, especially at the top end? why didn't they start with that and say, we want to do the clinton model, you republicans? we want to do 50/50? and i suppose negotiate away from that. >> because the obama administration has a funny tendency to start with what they think would be an acceptable final compromise to the republicans. their health care bill, cap and trade, the budget deal they put on the table here when they came in with their deficit framework, and it was somewhat to the right of the fiscal commiss
Jul 11, 2011 12:00am PDT
was this hardball appearance back in 2008. >> you believe that barack obama may -- you're suspicious because of this relationship may have anti-american views. otherwise it's probably irrelevant to this discussion. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> you think obama has anti-american views. >> absolutely. i'm very concerned that he may have anti-american views. what i would say is the news media should do a penetrating expose and take a look. i wish they would. i wish the american media would take a great view of congress and find out are they pro america or anti-america. chris: that sounded like joe mccarthy. there are other episodes of bachmann on the brink. john stewart took off on this one. >> i find it interesting that it was back in the 1970's with the swine flu breaking out then, under another democratic president, jimmy carter -- and i'm not blaming this on president obama. i think it's an interesting coincidence. [laughter] >> it's a very interesting coincidence, considering the last flu outbreak came in 1976, not under carter, under republican gerald ford. but that's michele bachmann, ar
Jul 10, 2011 5:30am PDT
. this is an interesting moment. ei are a little bit beyond this historical webb where barack obama comes on television and announces osama bin laden has been killed. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda, and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands. >> i saw celebration in the streets. i saw democrats and republicans all in agreement. does this signify a new political moment? >> obama got osama and what it does, it's a bit of a return to what the mood of the country was after 9/11, when i think there was a unifying sense and a unifying force that the tragedy created that and there's a bit of closure, particularly for the 9/11 families with osama bin laden being killed by those navy s.e.a.l.s in pakistan so i do think -- the question is how long will it last and will it be only momentary or is it a sense that the nation is better off if we're unified in purpose. >> david, i mean, you are a conservative, i mean -- >> um-hum. >> i haven't heard a conservative yet deny this was the right mission. are there any critiques of ob
Jul 18, 2011 7:00am EDT
important historian has said the lesson is not so much unhappy with barack obama -- i want to make the case that president obama in his first two years -- they were landmark pieces of legislation. the health care legislation and financial reform legislation. they were not commensurate with the scale of the problems this country faced. part of that was a failure of leadership but also the systemic structural problems that have made our system dysfunctional or not serving people because this is what eric's book is about. the power of money in the system, the power of lobbyists. the power of those forces to dilute legislation and the republican party that admitted openly its main task was to destroy president obama. and the health care bill, my memory tells me with the first piece of social legislation in the last 50 years which passed without a single republican vote. that said, that is important. i also think the recovery was diluted because of republican pressure and the timidity of many democrats. and the failure of the message that this was the recovery -- recovery program allowed too muc
FOX News
Jul 2, 2011 2:30pm EDT
got more press. >> let me see. of course, candidate barack obama said he had been to 57 states and he only had one or two more to go. look, here is the template here. if you're republican, if you're conservative and especially if you're christian, by definition, the media definition, you are a moron. and so any mistake you make reinforces that stereo type. on the other hand, if you're a liberal democrat secularist and make a mistake, yuck, yuck, yuck, that's part of being tired on the campaign trail or tying to save america. >> jon: jehmu, you seem to disagree. >> i think it's clearly more about are you gaffe prone. if you get labeled being gaffe prone like joe biden, like harry reid, then they're going to look for those instances and that's just not barack obama. he's not a dan quayle. it's less than a liberal or conservative, it's are you gaffe prone. and unfortunately for congresswoman bachmann. she's taken advantage of it. all of this attention has helped name recognition and doing better than people expected her to do. the comparisons that we've seen though from some who have wri
Jul 18, 2011 6:00pm PDT
como en breve >>> hoy el presidente barack obama nombró al nuevo presidente del buró una dirección que ya tiene duras críticas >>> el presidente nombró este lunes al ex fiscal general de ohio como el futuro director del nuevo buró de protector financiera la agencia supervisará la forma en que bancos dan hipotecas, tarjetas de créditos y préstamos >>> con las hipotecas todos los formularios que hay que llenar son complicados tienes que ser un abogado en bienes y raíces para poder entender qué se te presenta. entonces, el seguro está poniendo en prueba diferentes terminologías que es más fácil para que el consumidor entienda >>> también supervisará áreas que no tienen tanta regulación >>> porque los consecionarios de automóviles son financiados por medio de los consecionarios, no tienen supervisión y añaden a la tasa de interés, sobre todo a las poblaciones afro-americanas y latinas >>> están preocupadas, porque creen que limitará la oferta el presidente barack obama dijo que cuidará a los cuis >>> no tiene que ser abogados para poder leer lo que firman deben tener
Jul 9, 2011 5:00am EDT
creation is one that allows her to compete and win the office. it's no different than barack obama running around in 2008 talking about, you know, what he thought the opportunities were there for him. >> there's a serious discussion to be had here. a couple months ago when the job numbers were good, what were the republican leaders in congress saying? see, you elect us and the numbers go up. now they're blaming barack obama. what's happening -- >> but the job numbers have not been good. >> when they were better at the beginning of the year the republicans tried to tak credit. >> because he along with the bush tax cuts. >> that's the only option they have. i'm happy to hear you talk about job creation. all we hear from the republicans is reduce government spending and cut taxes. taxes are at a historic -- they're at historic low. and if you cut government spending you end up contracting demanding. that's a job loser. it doesn't create jobs. >> it fundamentally creates jobs. >> no it doesn't. >> how -- how the heck do you expect an employer to spend more money when you're taking more out of
Jul 17, 2011 5:30am PDT
on the president he's hating on him. >> with regard to barack obama. zee to respect him, we have to protect him and at times we have to correct him. he ain't god. he don't walk on water. we have to respect him, protect him from all of these vicious and racist attacks, but correct him when he's wrong and the irony of the whole obama-tavist drama was that i was not doing anything i had not always done. so if i can take bill clinton on, and you know if i can take clinton on, you know i'll have something to say about george bush, then how all of a sudden with integrity am i not supposed to hold this man accountable? i understood it 400 years back, we waited for this moment and they wanted to see barack obama elected by any means necessary. i airnt stuck on stupid. i get that. his job is to get elected. my job was, is, and will always be so long as i have a voice in love and respectfully to hold him accountable to the best interest of black people and there's a lot of stuff he's done right, but there are other things we have to hold him accountable for, these wars are wrong. not addressing poverty i
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